Free Ubuntu Stickers from System76

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(Editor’s note: It’s been a while since I got stickers from System76, so the stickers probably aren’t the same, but it looks like the offer is still valid.)

After a while of looking for an Ubuntu sticker for my Ubuntu-powered Sony Vaio laptop, I came across System76’s free Ubuntu sticker offer. To get free stickers, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the location listed for your country at I sent a letter in as well as an envelope, and a few weeks later got my envelope back in the mail with stickers inside.

If you’re thinking about taking this free sticker offer, here’s what the stickers I got looked like. (Ed: My old photography is horrible.)

One sheet had a white System76 logo and four slightly translucent grey and orange Powered by Ubuntu stickers.


There was also a strip of four shiny foil Powered by Ubuntu stickers.


A small sheet with four Ubuntu Key stickers.


Finally, a large black-and-white System76 banner.


Thanks to System76, Inc. for providing me with the stickers!

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