How to Directly Copy CDs & DVDs in Nero 2014

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The easiest way to perform a direct CD-to-CD or DVD-to-DVD copy in Nero 2014 is to use Nero Express. Once you’ve opened it, select “Image, Project, Copy” from the left-hand sidebar and choose “Copy Disc.”

The next screen you see should look like this:

On this screen, there are a few options you need to make sure are enabled. First, make sure that the “Source drive” and “Destination drive” are set correctly. You’ll want to pick the drive containing your original disc for the source drive and pick the drive containing the blank disc for the destination drive. Keep in mind this only works if you have at least two CD/DVD writers/burners in your computer.

Next, make sure that “Quick copy” is checked. This will allow Nero to copy the data directly from the source drive to the destination drive without having to write to your hard drive in between.

You may also want to check “Verify data on disc after burning” in the lower half of the screen. This will have Nero check if any errors occurred during the copying process.

When you’re all finished with the settings, click “Copy” in the lower right and wait for the process to finish.

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2 responses to “How to Directly Copy CDs & DVDs in Nero 2014”

  1. DenizatmCom says:

    Free up enough hard drive space for the files you want to burn to the CD. Generally, you’re going to have to copy the files to your hard drive before burning – so be sure you have a few GB to spare, since a typical CD require about 750MB.

    1. Arnon Erba says:

      In Nero, the “Quick copy” option will copy the files directly from the source to the destination drive without writing to the hard drive in between. Of course, this only works if you have two separate optical drives.

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