[Meta] 2016 Update (UPDATED)

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(Editor’s note: Less than three months after writing this post, I got fed up with Blogger and finally jumped ship. Now ALL the links are broken, so I have to start from scratch again from the SEO side of things, but I finally have a functioning blog that is completely mine.)

It seems like every six months my blog reinvents itself, at least layout-wise. I think it’s because nothing I do ever looks quite finished in my eyes. At any rate, ever since I discovered Material Design Lite, I’ve been meaning to build my own custom Blogger template using the framework. Now that I’ve hacked together something that could be considered a material design template for Blogger, I can sum up my experience so far in one sentence: I wish I was using WordPress.

At any rate, I’ve made a lot of changes, but there’s still more to go. All the old posts need to be re-formatted (again), and the comments disappeared, partially because I broke them. Expect to see more changes – and maybe some actual posts again – soon.

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